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Personal Training Services

At Milluminate, physical health is sacredly personal and that’s why we’ve created a welcoming and safe space where all bodies can move, strengthen, heal, and thrive – regardless of your goals, fitness level, ability, or limitations. All of our personal training clients work 1:1 with their trainers in a private environment that shields them from distraction, fear of judgement, and competition.

Wellness Services

At Milluminate, we believe wellness is the divine thread that connects the body and the mind through inner healing. Our services optimize your body’s potential through detoxification, regeneration, and grounding.  Experience the benefits of our PEMF bed, ionic foot bath, and/or massage – we’re confident you’ll leave feeling relaxed, and more intune with your body and mind. 

Healing Services

At Milluminate, we hold space for your soul to heal. Our intuitive services marry spiritual mending and energy healing so that you can attain vitality and wholeness. Through Reiki, Third Eye Awakening, Medium Readings and more, you’ll deepen your spiritual insights and release blocks, traumas, and stagnant energy. Check out our Services Page for more information.

Manifestation Tools

Manifestation is about turning your dreams into reality. There are a number of ways to manifest from setting intentions to journaling, we carry vital tools to help enhance this work. You’ll find quality crystals, essential oils, wing fans, dreamcatchers, cleansing, and more. With the help of authentic manifesting vessels and through the power of thought and aliveness of gratitude you too can raise your vibrations. Shop our store for all your manifestation needs.

Find your center, restore balance and feel true joy. 

Our Approach

Since we are a private studio, any and every time you come to Milluminate, our focus is solely on you. Whether you’re here for personal training, wellness or healing services, you are our priority!

Whether you’re seeking mind, body or soul healing, Milluminate is your stepping stone to a happier, healthier you!

Classes & Events

"Best Care Ever!! I had a Shamanic Cleanse with Betsy, and it was EYE OPENING. She was very upfront about things that she felt coming off of me, and all with kindness. The cleanse itself was very healing. I followed instructions with breathing, and after I felt like a whole new person. If you are having any questions or hard emotional times in your life, I can't recommend a visit with Betsy and her holistic wellness center more!!"

– Katy W

“Betsy is an extremely talented healer with a large tool box. I cant believe the immediate difference I felt after my visit. She took her time and really listened to me. So grateful. Thank you Betsy!"

– Ricardo T

"If you are looking for a change in your life and don't know where to start, I highly recommend starting with Milluminate! Great people, fantastic atmosphere, extremely educational, and above else life-changing. I've been coming to Betsy and her team for almost two years now and am very thankful for all of them!!! Love you guys!!!"

– Amalia S

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